Cornelius began his musical career at age ten playing alto saxophone in the school band in Santa Cruz, California. Through the encouragement of his parents, his love of music grew, and by age twelve he had joined his first working band. He then led a rhythm and blues band for seven years.

In 1966, Cornelius spent six months performing with Bobby Freeman, writer and recording artist of the classic song, "Do You Want to Dance?" In 1977, he joined Moby Grape and wrote one tune for the "Live Grape" album.

During the 1980's, Cornelius rose to worldwide acclaim performing with The Doobie Brothers. He contributed a song on the "One Step Closer" album. Cornelius recorded two solo albums and toured with his own band. Stints were also put in with Jeff Lorber and Lacy J. Dalton.

After relocating to New York in 1986, Cornelius performed and recorded with a host of artists, including Etta James, Hugh Masakela, Nite Sprite, and The New York Rock and Soul Revue. He was a member of Steely Dan from 1993 to 2004. During that time he released another solo album, “Known Fact” on Palmetto Records.

Photo: Walter Becker

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