In the spring of 2003, Cornelius played on a recording session at a small college in Illinois, just across the river from St. Louis. It was an independent study project for guitarist and then high school senior Eric Ledbetter. It was also typical of Cornelius’ work philosophy. It didn’t really matter what it paid. If he wasn’t already booked, he took the gig.

Eric gave us permission to post this tune, "Forgotten", on the website. The vocalist is Cornelius’ daughter Sara, then 17. It was their only recording together.

Click here to listen to “Forgotten”

from the cd “Eric’s Cosmic Kitchen”
All lyrics and music written by Eric Ledbetter ©2001-2003

Additional personnel:

Eric Ledbetter—Guitar
Ivar Rodriguez—Guitar
Stephanie Trick—Piano
Dan Loomis—Bass
Jason Loomis—Drums

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